Zone Visit Scheme

As part of our ongoing commitment to cutting the cost of routine veterinary work and fuel emissions we have  introduced a Zone Visit Scheme. One day a week a vet will be available in your area for routine work at a reduced cost to you for the visit. How the scheme works (Terms & Conditions)

  • We will assign a vet to your zone one day per week for routine work at a fraction of the cost of a normal visit, the price for this depends on how far your yard is from the clinic. For yards under 10 miles drive (i.e. you would normally be charged a V1 if you had a routine call ) the charge is £14.00 inc. VAT (or £10.00 if there are two owners or just £6.00 inc. VAT if three different owners book a zone visit at the same yard).You must be flexible and able to accept ANY time from 9.00am – 5.30pm, in the past people have waited to see if the time suited and if not, cancelled; we cannot allow this anymore as cancellations impact on the timing for the rest of the route (sorry!).
  • If you are over ten miles from the clinic ie your normal routine visit fee would be classed a V2,3,4 etc then we are happy to offer a 50 % discount on your normal visit or shared visit.
  • The visit can be booked weeks in advance, the latest time being 2pm the day before your zone visit day.
  • The appointment time is allocated after 4pm the day before your visit and you will need to phone the clinic between 4pm and 5pm to confirm your appointment time.
  • To qualify for the zone visit, payment for all work carried out must be made at the time of the visit, otherwise a full visit fee will be charged. Zone visits are only available to clients with a zero balance and we reserve the right to withdraw zone visits to any client at any time.
  • Please note that if you require a specific vet or need in depth investigations a normal visit should be booked.
  • IMPORTANT: A minimum fee of £30 including vat will apply whatever work is done (to include the visit fee). This minimum fee will only be applied where the veterinary work done on the visit comes to less than £20.00 including vat.

Ullenhall area Zone Visit Map


Romsley area Zone Visit Map

Romsley Zone Map