Corner House Equine Clinic: General Data Protection Regulations

As a veterinary practice we collect and store personal data for our clients. To comply
with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), we wish to inform our clients
which data we collect, how and why we collect it and how it is used.

Data we collect
Names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of clients and any
registered agents of the animal.

A registered agent is a relative, friend or yard owner/manager that may look after the
horse when the owner is not available.

How we collect the data
Data is collected verbally over the phone or in person, via email or using our website to
register online.

Why we collect the data
We collect the data for legitimate interest of our practice and our clients. This is the
legitimate basis for the use of our data.

The reason we need this data is to be reliably able to identify an animal registered with
us and communicate with the owner.

  • The reasons for communication and how we use the data may include:
  • Vaccination reminders
  • Worming plan reminders
  • Appointment reminders
  • Health status updates when animal is hospitalised
  • Sending bills or letters

We will retain this information for a minimum of seven years.

Sharing information
Corner House Equine Clinic use a cloud based veterinary management system: Teleos which may have access to personal data. This is necessary for the legitimate interest of our organisation.

We may share this data with external agencies and third parties including but not

  • Referral centers
  • External laboratories
  • Registration agencies
  • Account collection companies

You are entitled to request a copy of the information which Corner House Equine Clinic holds about you. If you become aware that the personal information the Corner House Equine Clinic holds about you is inaccurate, you may request that we amend it. Any requests in this respect or any other correspondence relating to this notice should be directed to Corner House Equine Clinic.

If you would prefer not to receive any communication from us, please contact the

For information on GDPR or if you have any concerns you should contact Angela Walsh.

The Supervisory authority in the UK is the ICO. Where you have a complaint regarding
the handling of your data which you do not think can be handled internally, then you
have the right to make a complaint to the ICO.

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Complaints Procedure

We take complaints very seriously and ask that you email one of the senior vets or in the first instance.

We aim to acknowledge your email within 24hrs and then investigate your complaint thoroughly and come back to you within a further week .

We often offer a meeting and if no resolution can be found we will seek external advice from the independent company we are insured with called the VDS. Often complaints are just due to a misunderstanding or poor communication and as such we find a face to face meeting can often provide a satisfactory outcome.