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An article on Strangles and how it affects you if a horse is diagnosed on your yard.

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Equine Dentistry

A case study on Equine Dentistry and the treatment we can offer.

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fracture xray

Stop, don’t shoot!

“Stop, don’t shoot!” Fractures in horses are often treatable these days.

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Gastric Ulcers

Gastric ulcers are a common problem in today’s horse population.

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Kissing Spines

Hindlimb Lameness

This article centres on some common problems that we see, causing hind limb lameness and, in more subtle cases, poor performance.

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Wolf Teeth

Wolf teeth – What are they and should they be removed? By Angela Walsh BVMS MRCVS

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poor performance ultrasound

Case Study 1 – Poor Performance

Carr Hall enjoyed a fruitful summer campaign in 2007 and was given a well-earned rest, it was noticed however that he appeared lame on a hind leg once he had come back into work.

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poor performance 2 - vet

Case Study 2 – Poor Performance

This investigates another instance of poor performance.

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Case Study – Sarcoids

Hendrix is a ten year old bay gelding that presented in May 2006 with a sarcoid on his chest.

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Sedation and Anaesthesia

A guide to Calmers, Sedatives and Anaesthetics by Kate Sutton BVM&S MRCVS.

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sweet itch

Sweet Itch

Around 3% of the UK horse population is thought to suffer from sweet itch.

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Case Study – Wound

Charlie is a two year old bay gelding that was treated by our clinic following sustaining bilateral wounds to his right fore pastern region when out at grass.

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