Spring offers 2022 Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions  Offers Spring 2022 , we have two offers this Spring see above for what’s included and prices ; terms and conditions below …..

All offers must be paid for on the day, HHP clients may claim and extra 10% off.

In relation to the laminitis offer , we may advise blood sampling to assess ACTH/ Insulin and or adiponectin. Taking a blood sample is included in the offer but lab fees will be payable with a 25% discount; the type of tests depends on the type and age of horse so an old slim thoroughbred may need ACTH to check for cushings and a young native breed may need insulin levels . An old native type may need both ! On some occasions we may need you to give your horse karolyte syrup prior to testing and if this is the case we will do this once we arrive and prior to xrays being taken. We can weigh your horses at the clinic on our scales but if the examination is to take place at your yard we will use a weigh tape instead and teach you how to do this for future tracking.

In relation to the pre competition offer we prefer to see your horse ridden in a manege and are happy to do this at the clinic if need be.