Summer offers 2021 Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for our Summer offers July 1st 2021 to July 31st 2021,

Offer 1 – Free* sedation for dentistry (performed by us!) if five vaccines and or teeth are booked at the same yard ( any combination )

Lots of people are overdue on their vaccines and teeth due to the pandemic so why not get together with the other people on your yard to have teeth and vaccines done ? When you book five or more vaccines or teeth not only can you save on shared visit fees we will also do the sedation for free . All vets and equine dental dental technicians do a better job when a small amount of sedation is given prior to the teeth being done..the very back teeth are almost inaccessible in an unsedated horse; this can lead to hooks and ramps appearing. We want to demonstrate how the use of mild sedation decreases the stress for both horse and owner (and vet) so why not try it for free !!

*offer must be mentioned at the time of booking and includes up to 0.5ml of detomidine, or 0.3 Dom/0.6 Torb which is enough for most horses, any extra will be chargeable, so if you have one that is an elephant (!) or really difficult to do some extra (chargeable) sedation may be needed.

Offer 2 Laminitis risk check including front feet xrays and blood samples for ACTH/ insulin / adiponectin as required

At our clinic or your yard ; radiograph both front feet to assess any rotation / sinking / length of toes and also blood sample to assess insulin / ACTH as indicated by type of pony . As an example in an old native pony we would X-ray both front feet then take a blood sample to test for cushings disease ( PPID) and insulin resistance , we would need you to give us a rough estimate of weight of the pony so we could dispense Karolyte prior to the insulin blood sample 45ml per 100kg . This is given first thing in the morning on a semi empty stomach using a dosing syringe and the blood taken 60-90 minutes later . There are a range of blood tests that may be useful according to the type of pony/ horse and we will discuss this with you when booking / seeing the horse ; so in this example the pony needs ACTH and Insulin and therefore including xrays the cost would normally be £370.00 with the £150 discount this would be £220 payable at the time visit/sedation or extra views requested will be charged on top

Offer 3 Free lump and bump check at clinic and 25% off laser surgery

Come in to either Ullenhall or Romsley for a free lump check , please make an appointment ; we can then discuss if any treatments are available. If laser removal is indicated this is 25% cheaper in July if paid for on collection. The free examination is only available either at the one of our offices or if done while we are at your yard doing vaccines/ teeth / treating something else. If you want us to come to your yard solely to examine a lump/bump and nothing else we will charge the appropriate visit fee and a half price examination ; if this then results in treatment we can refund the half price examination.

Offer 4- Gastroscopy clinic every Friday in July at Ullenhall £125

We diagnose ulcers more and more as a cause of behavioural problems, girthing problems and poor body condition throughout the year. They are very treatable now but it is essential to find out what type of ulcers are there to give the correct treatment . This is often done as part of a poor performance examination. The £125 must be paid on the day and includes sedation but not livery if required .