Important News!

We are delighted to announce that this week something really exciting has happened at Corner House Equine Clinic; we have joined together with a much larger group of Equine vets who own nearly 30 equine practices throughout the country.

The name of the clinic will stay the same and all our staff are staying the same but there are lots of benefits for all our clients that we want to tell you about…

  1. The vet group we are now part of own a CT scanner which we can use when needed.

2. We also now have access to overground endoscopy and hope to do a demo of this at Solihull Riding Club in the Autumn as well as explaining all our other bits of new kit.

3. We now own MRI…

4. We found it hard to compete on drug prices as we were only buying for 8 vets but now with 160 vets to buy for we should be able to get good deals on the most commonly used drugs and potentially some repeat medication prices will go down … hurrah!

5. We also now have access to scintigraphy ( bone scanning ) which belongs to the company and is useful for difficult lamenesses.

6. Many of our new colleagues are world renowned experts and are available to come to the clinic or just be on the end of the phone.

There are 160 Equine vets altogether and 50% have either a certificate or diploma ; this is amazingly high as the UK average is 10% …so we are in great company and very excited about the future of our Clinic .