Winter Offers – Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for our winter offers Dec 12th -Feb 28th 2019,

Offer 1 – Free* sedation for dentistry (performed by us!)
All vets and equine dental dental technicians do a better job when a small amount of sedation is given prior to the teeth being done..the very back teeth are almost inaccessible in an unsedated horse; this can lead to hooks and ramps appearing. We want to demonstrate how the use of mild sedation decreases the stress for both horse and owner (and vet) so why not try it for free !!

* offer must be mentioned at the time of booking and includes up to 0.5ml of detomidine, or 0.3 Dom/0.6 Torb which is enough for most horses, any extra will be chargeable, so if you have one that is an elephant (!) or very, very difficult to do some extra (chargeable) sedation may be needed.

SILVER….full examination ; eyes , heart , lungs , soundness , skin and any other worries. Dental examination and routine rasp plus light sedation (up to 0.5ml domo included). Full written report with wellness plan for the next year posted or emailed .
NB Any top ups of sedation  , any non-routine dental work and a visit if required (or ZV ) are chargeable. £85 incl vat
GOLD as above plus routine blood screen  (biochemistry and haematology basic)
£125 incl vat

OFFER 3… £200 incl vat off laser sarcoid or melanoma removal….this is usually about £700 if done standing or £1000 if under anaesthetic but we are happy to discount by £200 if you are happy to pay in full on collection This needs to be done at the clinic.

OFFER 4 …XRAY BACK AT CLINIC Usually £260 plus sedation  , we are happy to do this for £150 at the clinic only  , includes up to 4 xrays but sedation is on top of this.

All offers must be paid for at the time of work being done  and must be mentioned at the time of booking